An absolutely gorgeous bridal hairstyle for the big day

Are you getting married soon (yay!)? Or do you just want to look for some inspiration and see what’s possible in the world of bridal hairstyling (also fun!)? We have listed no less than 12 different bridal hairstyles in various colors for you. Even if you have thin and/or short hair, these beautiful creations can be done with your hair! In all of these hairstyles a set of clip-in extensions from Zascha Hair is used. The affordable and high quality 100% human hair extensions that will make you feel extra special on your big day! From elegant updo to boho braid and from minimalist to majestic: which dream hairstyle will you choose?

How can I get such a beautiful hairstyle with clip in extensions?

Wondering how, for goodness sake, to get such a beautiful hairstyle on your wedding day? Check out our blog on how to choose and create your perfect bridal hairstyle with clip-in extensions.

Hair Stylist Nicole Drege

Minimalistic dreamer

Hair wizard Nicole Drege used the Dark Blonde Mix for this look. Specifically for the ladies who have many different shades of blonde in their hair. Do you have dark blonde hair and would you like more depth, without dyeing it? Then this set is certainly the perfect solution! Due to the many different shades it will blend with your own hair and add a highlight effect.

Elegant updo

The Melted Blonde Classic blends beautifully with the high- and lowlights of the model’s hair. This updo is elegant and timeless. We believe that it’s a bridal hairstyle suitable for every woman.

Pretty Pastel

Nicole Drege makes the most of the Silver Grey by pairing it with a blush pink hairpiece from Say Yes to the Dress. This color also looks amazing when used in an updo!

Hair Stylist: Sabrina Dijkman

Classic with an edge

Braid babe Sabrina Dijkman combines loose waves and an effortless braid in the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Finished off with a hair accessory from Say Yes to the Dress. This color also has high- and lowlights so it blends perfectly with many hair colors.

Princess Sissi with a modern twist

Elegant like Princess Sissi, but with a modern twist. The Chocolate Brown is used here for a never-ending braid. You can make it your own by adding your own twist. This deep color is not a mix, but has a natural warm glow and is often a perfect match for ladies with dyed brown hair.

Hair Stylist: Bride & Beauty Netherlands

Hollywood Vintage

Bride and Beauty Netherlands created a beautiful vintage hairstyle. Specifically for all Classy Brides. She used the Latte Highlights to create this look. And what is a vintage look without pearls from

The Knot-Knot

In this bridal updo the Medium Brown is used to create a nice full bridal bun. Bride and Beauty Netherlands gives an extra elegant twist to the hairstyle by finishing it off with a hair accessory. Because you can never have enough shimmer and shine! Especially on your big day.

Mistic Majestic by Tresjolie

Espresso Brown

If your hair color resembles the intense color of espresso then it doesn’t need much to shine. When you add a little glamour with the Espresso Brown as TresJolie has done, you’ll be looking majestic all day. With this volume you will definitely deserve the title Royal Highness!

Dark Blonde

Thanks to TresJolie we have the luxury to show a version of The Mistic Majestic with a Dark Blonde set too. It couldn’t be more royal!

Boho Braid By The Updo Girl

Another lady who braids for her life is The Updo Girl. In this hairstyle, she used the Latte Highlights Clip-in Braid. This is one weft of 3cm (1″) wide. But don’t underestimate this baby, because it helps in creating the most beautiful braids!

Meet Marlieke and her Basic Boho Bride

Multi-talented Marlieke (owner Zascha Hair) combined this half updo with a loose curl. These curls were created with a 25mm (1″) curling iron. A fairly simple hairstyle with clear style. With the mix color Melted Blonde, the high and lowlights stand out beautifully and create a hairstyle with lots of depth and definition.

“From elegant updo to boho braid and minimalist to majestic, which dream hairstyle will you choose?”

How will I get my bridal hair styled?

The questions “how will I choose a bridal hairstyle and how will I get it styled!‘ will probably pop into your head when looking at all these beautiful bridal hairstyles. It’s not that complicated, but you (or your stylist!) will have to know how to achieve the desired look of course. In the blog about your perfect bridal hairstyle with clip-in extensions you will find our tips on how to create your dream hairstyle without worries. Good luck!


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