We have had the bangs in our assortment before, but if you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we strive for perfection, and this product is no exception 🙂 Behold our revamped clip-in fringe! Woohoo!

What’s new?

This clip-in fringe is also made of 100% remy human hair and has 3 clips to securely attach it in your desired position. The revamped part lies in the hand-knotted base, which is practically invisible when placed against your own root. Since the hair is 100% human hair, it can be dyed darker to seamlessly match your natural roots. However, please note that dyeing the hair lighter is not possible. If you’re unsure, you can test the dye on a sample. The colors are equal to our hair extension sets. The fringe is already styled in a certain way, but there is enough hair to customize it to your preference or have it trimmed to frame your face. 💜

How do you place it?

Easy breezy: ✩ Place it on your head to see where you want to secure it. ✩ Open the 3 clips and snap them shut when it’s in the desired spot and has a good grip. When you’re completely in love with the fringe, and you’re sure you want to keep it, you can of course remove the plastic hygiene piece from between the clips! ✩ Style! For the best effect, you can trim it to your liking. Tip of the day! Get your fringe trimmed by a hairdresser or someone who has a degree in hair. From experience, we know that your own hair is often dangerously close, and it’s hard to distinguish from the fringe. Before you know it, you’ll have a fringe in your own hair… oops.

Do you have naturally smooth hair, or does the fringe not stay in place perfectly? Then you can apply a bit of dry shampoo or volumizing powder to the area where the clips are placed; this provides some extra grip. Are you going to a festival or planning to dance like no one is watching? Tease the roots a little, and your fringe won’t budge at all!

How do you take care of your fringe?

Since the fringe is also made of 100% human hair, you can wash it as described in this blog. If you wear the fringe frequently, we recommend washing it a bit more often. Other than that, you can treat it just like your own hair!


Kun je leren! Jawel! De Fringe is te combineren met onze sets, volumizers, ponytails en zelfs onze V-part. Wellicht dat het een beetje oefenen is waar je dan precies wat plaatst, maar de combinatie van deze twee producten zal zorgen voor een volledig andere look waar je hopelijk super veel zelf vertrouwen van mag krijgen! Beide producten plaats je boven op je hoofd waardoor je eventueel kale plekjes volledig camoufleert. Wel is het belangrijk dat je voldoende haar heb om de producten te plaatsen. Vind je het lastig inschatten of dit zal werken voor jou? Twijfel niet en stuur ons gerust een foto van de aanzet van je haar naar info@zascha.nl. Zo kunnen wij goed inschatten of dit trucje ook voor jou zal werken!

Because the roots of your hair often have a lot of diverse colors, there are many tricks to make the fringe blend as perfectly as possible. We also have a variety of mixed colors which also helps:) Here are some additional tips to make it blend as seamlessly as possible:

  1. If the fringe is just slightly too light, you can wash it with a color shampoo or color mask from brands like Kruidvat or Etos.
  2. If your fringe is slightly too warm compared to the rest of your hair color, you can also wash it with purple shampoo. You can read how to do this in this blog.
  3. Missing a darker root in your fringe? Try a root spray! You can also find this at Kruidvat or Etos.

If you’re not entirely sure which color is the perfect match for you, feel free to ask us for help anytime. Don’t hesitate to send a chat message or an email. Of course, you can also reach out to us on Facebook or WhatsApp at 085-2250281. We’d love to help!

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