Because Zascha Hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair, you can treat it like your own hair. You can wash (preferably not too often), curl & straighten them and even dye them darker. In this blog we’ll share all the ins and outs about straightening and curling your clip-in extensions! You can also use these methods on our other products such as the Ponytail, V-part and Bun. In most cases it’s easier to place the product first and style as desired after.

Straightening your clip-in extensions

When you first wash your extensions, you might think, ‘Hmm, that looks different.’ Don’t worry! With a few handy tricks, you can have your set looking just like you would expect from us. Before styling, apply a few drops of oil/heat protector to the ends and let them air dry, for example on a clothes hanger. Be careful not to use too much oil as it can weigh down the hair, making it difficult to style. One product we are absolutely obsessed with is the Alterna Dry Oil Mist. It’s a heat protector that adds extra shine without weighing down the hair.

Set your styling tool (curling iron or straightener) to a maximum of 220 degrees Celsius. The hotter your styling tool is, the more it damages your hair and shortens the lifespan of your set. Even worse, it can damage your natural hair! While waiting for the styling tool to heat up, apply a heat-protective spray on the entire set, from roots to ends. For the best result, work on one section at a time. Take a section of about 3 to 5 cm and comb it through thoroughly. Place the straightener at the roots and slowly, in one smooth motion, glide it downward. Repeat if necessary until the entire set is nicely straightened. Then, style your own hair as well to blend it seamlessly with the extensions and create a beautiful finish. Result: Zascha Hair extensions, gorgeous, shiny, and healthy locks!

Curling your 100% human hair clip-in extensions

There are just as many different types of curls as there are people. By using various curling irons, you can create different types of curls.

Which curling iron do I need?

The larger the diameter of the curling iron, the looser the curl. If you desire Beach Waves (a curl that is highly suitable for long extensions), it’s best to use a curling iron with a 32mm (1 1/4″ barrel). The thicker the hair section, the bigger the curl. Good to know: Large and loose curls may have a tendency to drop faster.

The curling iron we use most often is the 25mm (1″) one. With this curling iron, you can create most types of curls and also manipulate the curls effectively while ensuring they hold well. This iron produces a medium-sized curl.

If you have natural, small curls or if you want to create them for a special occasion, the 19mm (3/4″) curling iron is excellent for achieving that look.

Okay, but how do you achieve the perfect curl that stays in place for a long time without losing its bounce, regardless of which curling iron you use? We’ll explain it to you!

Curling before placing

You can also curl your extensions before placing them. It’s super convenient if you don’t have much time in the morning and can do it the night before. (This is also very suitable for people who already have natural curls.) It’s best to curl the clip-in extensions while they are hanging. You can do this, for example, using a clothes hanger. Use a heat protector and take sections of about 2 to 3 cm, combing them through thoroughly. Start curling at the roots of the hair and wrap the rest of the weft around the curling iron. Leave it on for 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the thickness of the weft. You can gently touch the curl with your finger to check if it’s getting warm, but be careful not to burn yourself!

Then slide the curl off the curling iron and catch it with your hand to let it cool down for a moment. You can then secure it with a bobby pin or clip. This allows the curl to cool down without immediately losing its shape (just like on your own head!).

Repeat this process with all the wefts. Once all the wefts have cooled down, carefully remove the bobby pins or clips. And there you have it, a perfect curl with long-lasting bounce! Once you’ve removed all the clips from your set, you can gently start placing your extensions. You can do it in your own way, or you can follow the Zascha method (check out this blog). Now, you might be wondering about hairspray. Yes, you can definitely use it! When spraying your hair, make sure to hold the spray about 15 cm (6″) away from the weft to avoid creating stiff sections in the curl. Girl, you’re ready! Whether it’s a day of hard work at the office or a night of clubbing and pub-hopping with your besties, you’re ready to leave and turn heads 😉