Yes, you made the decision! You want longer and fuller hair by using clip-in extensions. Yay! But then… you have to choose what kind of extensions you want. You can choose from different kinds of clip-in extensions for both a full lengthening and/or added volume. We also offer individual wefts (volumizers). These can be used for extra volume or as an addition to a whole set. Which set is best for you, depends on a few things:

  • Is your hair thin/normal/thick?
  • How is your hair cut?
  • Do you want more volume only or also more length?
  • How long do you want your hair to be?

Which lengths and measurements do Zascha Hair’s clip-in extensions have?

A complete set

A complete set consists of 7 or 8 wefts and is suitable for lengthening. By placing multiple wefts in between your own hair, you create an even distribution over the head for a natural-looking result. A full set also allows you to switch it up sometimes. One way of doing so, is to use the smaller wefts when you want to add more volume to your braids!

The 7-weft sets are suitable for thin-normal, layered hair. If you have thick and/or short hair, the 8-weft set will be a better option.


A volumizer is mainly suitable for added volume on your own hair length. Did you know that extensions also help to hold your curls better? If your curls normally drop out in no time, an extra weft can create a lot more hold! The Volumizer is the extra weft in the 8-weft sets. For example: If you get the 50cm (20″) / 220g set, this consists of the 160g set AND the volumizer. You can also combine the volumizer with a V-part. More about this, further down in the blog.

The Lengths

We offer 3 different lengths: 40cm (16″), 50cm (20″) and 60cm (24″). The 40cm (16″) comes down to the chest, the 50cm (20″) to 5cm (2″) below the chest and the 60cm (24″) to the lower back.


Which hair type do you have?

If your hair is thin or fine, you need less hair for a beautiful lengthening. The 120g in 40cm (16″) or 160g in 50cm (20″) will be sufficient. If your hair is not very fragile you could also go for one of the 8-weft sets. These are a little heavier, so make sure to only use them when your hair is strong and healthy!

How is your hair cut?

Do you have layered hair? Lucky you! You’ll need less hair to blend the extensions well. So imagine: You normally have layers, then the 160g set in 50cm (20″) will be sufficient. But if you wish to achieve an extra full effect, you can also opt for the 220g set in (if your budget allows it). If you have normal hair with a blunt cut, we do advise you to get the 220g set because otherwise the difference between your own hair and the extensions will be visible.

Do you want extra volume only or added length as well?

If you only want some extra volume and thickness in your hair, you can choose our Volumizer. This is an individual weft in different lengths – 40cm (16″), 50cm (20″) & 60cm (24″) – and 25cm (10″) wide. This weft is perfect for extra fullness or as an addition to an existing set. Please note: A volumizer is not suitable for lengthening because it doesn’t create an even distribution on the head.

Before Zascha Hair – After Zascha Hair

Which length do you want?

Do you want a subtle lengthening… or are you going for the dramatic look with hair up to your hips? 😉 On the image at the top of this page you can see the difference in length between the different sets. You can also find many examples and pictures on our social media channels! Please note, when your hair is thin and fragile, it’s better to play safe and go for 50cm (20″)/160g max.


Another option for thin and fragile hair is our V-part. This weft is placed on your crown area, reducing the strain on your hair because of the weight of the extensions. Initially, the V-part is most suitable for more volume. However, combining it with a volumizer also makes it suitable for lengthening. By placing the V-part on your crown, the clips are less likely to show because the hair of the V-part falls over them on all sides. We simply can’t put all our enthusiasm about this product in one paragraph! Want to know more about the V-part? Check out our blog!

Ponytails & Buns

The Ponytail and Bun are perfect for quickly creating a bun or pony. The Ponytail is 50cm (20″) long and works with velcro and a pin. It’s less suitable for thin and fragile hair. The Bun however, is very much suitable for this type of hair. It’s a little shorter than the ponytail, but wearable in 2 ways (as you can see in the picture on the right). Pinned up in a bun or in a voluminous ponytail. Which one will you choose?

The Braids

Finally, we have the braids. These are perfect for creating beautiful, full braids. Therefore they are a favorite amongst hairstylists and brides-to-be! The Braid is a one-clip with a lot of hair and available in 2 lengths: the 50cm (20″) and the 60cm (24″). This product is often used in combination with a set to create the most gorgeous, often boho-like, hairstyles. All braids (except the Espresso and Jet Black) are mixed colors, so they blend easily with different shades of blonde and brown.

Hopefully, we’ve made it a little easier for you to make a decision. Do you still have hesitations? Feel free to send an email to Of course you can also contact us through Facebook or send us a whatsapp at 085-2250281!

Now we’re curious… Which product are you going for?