Long days, warm nights, and salty hair! Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Absolutely! And with beautiful hair and a boost of self-confidence, you never know what the summer will bring. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to keep your extensions looking fabulous, even during the scorching summer days. So hopefully, you’re sitting comfortably, enjoying an ice-cold piña colada because I’m sure you’ll be delighted after reading this blog!

Tip 1: Do you get hot quickly? Then putting your hair up is a great option!

Putting your hair up is also a good idea when: you go swimming! We strongly advise against swimming with your clip-in extensions at Zascha Hair. It can shorten the lifespan of your extensions if you don’t take proper care of them afterward! That would be a shame of course, considering your expensive purchase! Tip 2: To enjoy your clip-in extensions as long as possible, we recommend minimizing washing them or getting them wet. This way, you’ll get the most out of them. Every time your extensions get wet, a part of the special coating that keeps them looking beautiful wears off. If you really can’t go without your clip-in extensions (which is understandable, of course), make sure to put them up and rinse them immediately with clean water if they accidentally get wet.

‘But what about weaves? Which I wear permanently?’

Weaves are made of a different quality than clip-in extensions and can withstand more. However, we still recommend handling them as gently as possible. You can swim with them in saltwater, preferably secured, and rinse them with clean water immediately after swimming.

Swimming in chlorine with your extensions?

Tip 3: Avoid chlorinated water. This applies to both weaves and clip-ins. How many blondes have ended up with their hair in ketchup at some point? Feel free to raise your hand, we won’t tell anyone. Been there, done that, haha!

So, how do I best take care of my extensions?

It is very important to wash your weaves thoroughly after swimming in saltwater. Tip 4: Before washing your hair with shampoo, give the hair a thorough rinse from roots to tips. Use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Apply the shampoo to all the wefts and gently massage it in. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly and apply the conditioner, repeating the same technique. For extra care, we recommend using a lovely hair mask once a week, leaving it on for 10 minutes. If you’re curious about the products we recommend and how to wash your clip-ins, read our washing blog!

Tip 5: Keep in mind that your extensions are made of 100% human hair and are therefore just as delicate as your own hair!

When the hair is wet, we recommend patting it dry instead of rubbing and blow-drying, allowing it to air dry.

Extensions and sunscreen.

From experience, we now know that extensions can discolor when they come into contact with SPF for the skin. Super annoying, of course, because good sun protection is essential! After extensive research and numerous tests, we have discovered that the following substances in sunscreen are the culprits: 1. Octocrylene 2. Oxybenzone and number 3, the worst one: Avobenzone. With the latter substance, we clearly observed a warm glow appearing in the extensions which we couldn’t remove. Avoid these at all times.

If you see any of these ingredients listed in your sunscreen, it’s better to keep searching for a better one. Tip 6: There is also SPF specifically designed for hair! This protection is a great addition for your hair. However, keep in mind that not only your hair but also your skin suffers during the hot summer months! Therefore, ensure proper protection with SPF and don’t let this discourage you from applying sunscreen to your skin. That is even more important than your hair 🙂

Short summary

We strongly discourage swimming with clip-in extensions. Swimming with Zascha weaves is possible, although we also do not recommend it. If you choose to do so, ensure proper care and avoid exposing your hair to sunscreen. 🌞

If you have any other questions or if anything is still unclear, feel free to send us a chat massage or an email to info@zascha.nl. Of course you can also contact us through Facebook or send us a whatsapp at 085-2250281! We are happy to help!

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