Do you usually wear your hair down when wearing clip-in extensions? And would you like to switch it up sometimes? We love to give you inspiration and tips for beautiful braids and buns. This time: the easy but oooohh so beautiful fishtail braid!

  • If you want a slightly tighter fishtail: Brush your hair well and make sure your hair is free of frizz. Using a straightener or curling iron will help with this. If you want an effortless fishtail: comb your hair with your hands.
  • Distribute the clip-in extensions in your hair. See our clip-in guide

Important! When braiding your hair, it is important that the clip-in extensions are not placed too closely to your hairline. Make sure that enough of your own hair covers the extension clips.

  • This braid starts at your neck. Divide your hair into two even strands.
  • Be mindful of your clip-in extensions and don’t pull too tightly at the start of your braid. If you want a messy fishtail hold the braid in a looser grip.
  • Take a strand in each hand. From the right strand, take a small piece of hair from the side and turn it over to the left side. Add the thin strand to the left strand. From the left strand, take a small strand from the side and add it to the right strand. Repeat these steps until you reach the end of the hair.
  • At the end of the braid you can secure the hair with a hair elastic.
  • To make your braid look messy, occasionally pull some loose, fine whispies out of your braid with Zascha hair extensions.
  • Set your elegant or messy fishtail braid with hairspray.

Do you have any fun photos of your fishtail braid? Share them with us!

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