It can be quite a challenge to find the perfect color of clip-in hair extensions to match your own (dyed) blonde hair exactly. Is your hair cool toned and are your extensions a little too warm toned or do they have a yellow hue? Don’t worry, you can tone our blonde 100% Indian Human Hair extensions to match the coolness of your own hair. Curious how? With these 5 steps you can easily and quickly tone your extensions with purple shampoo!

From warm to cool. Toning is easily done with purple shampoo (a must have for cool toned blondies!), but you do need to know how. We are going to show you step by step how to give your blonde extensions that beautiful ashy color. Brush your extensions in preparation to prevent tangling and place all of the items you need at the sink: a brush or comb, towel, purple shampoo* and conditioner. *Schwarzkopf from the drugstore and L’Oréal Expert from the hairdresser work very well. Here we go:

1. Make a bath with purple shampoo

Fill your sink with lukewarm water, add a little purple shampoo and mix with the water so you can no longer see any drops of shampoo floating around in the purple/blue bath.

2. Let’s tone blonde girl

Then, it’s time for the real deal. Grab one weft of extensions and carefully dip it into the purple shampoo bath a few times. You can immediately see the extensions change color and lighten up. Assess the first weft very well before toning your entire set of extensions.

Not sure whether the color is ashy enough? Then, it’s best to let the extensions dry and assess if the color is right. It’s a lot easier to make the extensions ashier than the other way around. Unless you’re going for a smurf look 😉

Please note! Don’t leave your extensions in the purple shampoo bath too long. They can turn grey/blue. So, rather too short, than too long. Having doubts? Dry them first to assess the results.

Do you have a very light colored set? (Melted Blonde, Silver Grey, Misty Morning, Pearl Blonde or Light Blonde). Please note that these colors turn blue more easily. It’s extra important that the water is really warm instead of lukewarm and that the shampoo is dissolved in the water. If this isn’t the case, the color might distribute unevenly and create spots in your extensions.

  • Happy with the results? Continue with the next weft and maintain the same routine: Quickly dip them in the bath a few times and repeat.
  • If you want to see the difference between before and after toning, leave one weft unwashed.

3. Rinse and wring out!

When the extension has been dipped in the batch sufficiently, rinse it with cold water and make sure to get rid of all the shampoo. Wring carefully and set aside. This is how you tone your extensions weft by weft. Try to prevent tangling as much as possible.

4. Apply conditioner and rinse

Toned all wefts? Use a nourishing conditioner and let it absorb. Rinse again with cold water.

5. Air dry

Lay out your extensions out on a towel. It’s best not to blow dry the extensions, to prevent frizz and damage. All you need now is some patience for that beautiful and fresh result. Et voila! After a few hours of drying you’ll have your gorgeous ashblonde locks! Cool right? 😉

Color sample and advice

Are you eyeing a blonde set of extensions but do you want to know if it matches your hair first, and/or do you want to test out how it reacts to purple shampoo? Order a sample. If you have any other questions about your hair color or toning, reach out! We’d love to help you find your perfect color match.