Big hair is never out of fashion! This is something Lily CollinsAdele and of course Ariana Grande (and many many many more) proof by bringing back the BIG ponytail from the 60’s. This look is a little more difficult to create with your clip-in set, or volumizer. Because, how do you make sure you won’t see any clips with this hairdo, and how will you get that full glam ponytail? This is where the clip-in ponytail comes into play! Sit back and relax, because in this blog we explain everything you need to know about the ponytail step by step:).

What is a clip-in ponytail?

The Zascha Hair Ponytail is a 100 gram full ponytail and is 50cm (20″) long. Attached to this piece is a pin with wide teeth, which ensures that the ponytail stays securely in place. The ponytail also has a loose strand of hair for a beautiful finish at the root. You simply place the ponytail over your own ponytail, making it super easy to install! The ponytail is suitable for thin to normal hair.

What is the Ponytail made of?

Just like our clip in extensions, the ponytail is made from 100% double drawn human hair. This means the tail is full from root to ends. Because the ponytail is made of real human hair you can consider it as your own hair. You can style it, curl it, wash it, and even dye it darker. The roots of the ponytail are finished with high quality lace, and a metal pin with wide teeth for lots of hold in your own hair without damaging it.

The top edge of the ponytail is finished with velcro. Super convenient, so you can adjust the tail to different thicknesses of hair! We also use multi-tone coloring, which ensures a nice match with your own hair color, even if it differs slightly from the extensions. On the picture you see the Melted Blonde Ponytail.

How to use

Here we go. You’re all set, you’ve styled the ponytail as desired, and you’re ready to place it. What do you need: A Zascha Hair ponytail (duh), some bobbypins, elastics, preferably non-plastic, and a product for some firmness in your hair. Placing the ponytail is relatively easy, just like the clip ins, you just need to get the hang of it. Whatever hair type you have, it is important that you make sure you make a good firm ponytail with your own hair first. This can be done in different ways:

1 You can apply mousse in your hair and blow dry it well. This is a good method if you’re making a low ponytail. 2 You can tease the roots of your hair. You can use volume powder. 4 You can use multiple rubber bands (no more than 3)

It depends on the method you personally find comfortable for your hair type. After that, you can style your ponytail as desired to make it blend nicely with the texture of your hair. Once you’re completely satisfied with your ponytail, you can secure it. -Unfold the ponytail and slide the teeth of the hairpin between your scalp and the elastic. Make sure the teeth are fully inserted. -Then, tightly wrap the Velcro around your ponytail. -Next, wrap the loose strand around your ponytail. You can secure this loose strand with one or two bobbypins underneath the ponytail. The only thing left to do now is to check if everything is to your liking and finish it off with some hairspray if desired.


You can style the ponytail in various ways. High, low, single tail, double tails, straight, curled, messy – the possibilities are endless! Below, we will provide a brief explanation of the most popular ways to wear it.

The low ponytail

Important for this hairstyle is to have enough support in your hair to create volume at the roots. You can achieve this by using dry shampoo, volumizing powder, or teasing. 1: Start by teasing the crown of your hair at the center of your head. 2: Work your way down and create a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. If needed, gently brush the hair to smooth it out and avoid frizz. 3: Secure the ponytail using the above-mentioned instructions. 4: Curl the ponytail and your own hair as desired, including your front pieces (face framing). (You can also curl before placing the ponytail, whichever you prefer). 5: Spray a small amount of hairspray to ensure your hair shines all day long!

The high ponytail

This beautiful look was created by Sandra Bierens & Chantal van Dalen. It is also very important here, that you have created enough firmness and grip in your hair, for example, by using mousse.

  1. Separate the hair in 2 sections and create a ponytail on your crown with the bottom section.
  2. Take the top section of your hair, make sure it is tight and smooth at the front, and tie it together with the ponytail you have created from the bottom section. Use a second hair elastic for this.
  3. Place the ponytail as mentioned above.
  4. By using a (special) comb or toothbrush, you can style the baby hairs around your hairline as desired. Use a gentle wax or gel for this.
  5. Straighten the ponytail as well as your own hair.
  6. Use a hairspray to set in place for the rest of the day.

Are you more of a visual person? In the video below, Sabrina Dijkman demonstrates how to easily create a low ponytail.


Taking care of your ponytail

Because the ponytails are made of the same quality as our clip-ins, we recommend caring for them in the same way. This blog provides many tips, tricks, and a detailed explanation.

Help with choice

Hopefully we have been able to get you excited so you are eager to order a ponytail. Important when choosing the right color is that the ponytail matches the area where you want to place it. If you plan on wearing it higher on your head, you should look at the color of the roots of your hair. Of course you can always ask for help if you can’t really figure it out by yourself. Feel free to send us a chat massage or an email to Of course you can also contact us through Facebook or send us a whatsapp at 085-2250281! We’d love to help!



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