Exclusively at Zascha Hair: the V-part!

It may not be very classy to admit, but we at Zascha love it easy. We’re always looking for products that are easy to use so that they’re accessible to as many people as possible. But easy also has to be good. That’s why we’re extremely excited about this product. The Zascha Hair V-part. In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the V-part, including how to use it, how to take care of it, and how to choose the right color.

Good To Know: We want to help you as best as we can, and we understand that buying a hairpiece can be a hurdle. That’s why it’s good to know that as long as the tag is still attached to the V-part and it’s in new condition, you can return it to us if it’s not entirely to your liking. We will then refund your full purchase amount.

What is a V-part and what is it made of?

This hairpiece in the shape of a ‘V’ is easy to place and adds volume in the crown area. The V-part is made of 100% human hair, is double drawn, and perfect if you have fine/thin hair. From crown to ends, the V-part is 50cm (20″) long, but because you place it on your crown, it can be compared to a 40cm (16″) set. It reaches just over your chest and weighs 100g. The base of the V-part is hand-knotted, creating a very natural-looking part and virtually invisible when properly placed. The hair is tied onto high-quality lace, ensuring that the V-part is comfortable and doesn’t itch. Are you ready to V-AVAVOOM??

Placing the V-part

The V-part has a total of 4 clips, making it the product with the fewest clips (as you can see in the photo above), except for the weaves of course, which have no clips at all.

But how do you properly place a V-part?

Everything you need to get started: 1 rat-tail comb, volume powder or dry shampoo. Use the comb to create a ‘V’. Backcomb the roots of the ‘V’, then apply volume powder or dry shampoo for extra hold. Now you can clip in the V-part 🙂 Do you often wear a side part? Then you can also wear the V-part, but place it further back on your head.

In this video, Marlieke shows how to properly place and use the V-part. Spoiler alert: by combining it with a 40cm volumizer, she doesn’t only achieve volume, but also extra length! Now you may be wondering, what is a volumizer? This is a single weft that adds more volume to your hair. We have it in 3 lengths: the 40cm (16″), which reaches just above your chest. The 50cm (20″), which approximately reaches your lower rib. And the 60cm (24″), which approximately reaches your tailbone. For the most beautiful and natural result, we recommend using the 40cm (16″) or 50cm (20″) volumizer in combination with a V-part. If you already have a set of your own, you can also use some wefts from this set to create a nice blend.

In the photo on the left, the Latte Highlights V-part is combined with 2 Latte Volumizers 50cm (20″) / 60g for extra volume and length. If you are completely satisfied with the length of your hair and just want some extra volume, you can opt for just the V-part. This is shown on the right.


You can never have enough inspiration! Below are some examples of customers wearing our V-part. Do you have any photos of the V-part that we can share here? Please feel free to send them to us at info@zascha.nl. Loading…


All of our products are made of 100% human hair. This means that you can wash, curl, straighten, and even dye them darker to really make them match perfectly. But what is the best way to do this? This blog provides some tips on maintenance, which products we recommend, and of course, how to wash your extensions.

Help with color choice

If you already own some of our extensions, you can assume that the colors match well. However, for some colors such as Misty Morning, Latte Highlights, and Dark Blonde, we made the roots darker for an even more natural result. This way you’ll need to touch up your roots less often at the hairdresser’s 🙂

Are you new here and don’t you have any idea which color is a perfect match for you? We would love to help you find the right color. For this, we need at least 2 photos taken in daylight (but no direct sunlight), with your hair down from the side and back. In this blog, we have listed some tips for taking photos!

If you’re unable to do so, there’s also the possibility to view the colors in person through samples. You can order them here.

Do you have any questions or is something not completely clear? Don’t hesitate and feel free to send us a chat message or an email to info@zascha.nl. Of course, you can also contact us through Facebook or send us a WhatsApp message at 085-2250281! HAPPY NEW HAIR!

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